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Franchising Made Easy

Franchising Made Easy

Franchising Made Easy (FME) is 100% black owned company which attained level 1 BBBEE status. The company was started by Steven Francis who has 30 years experience in Franchising within Retail, Hospitality and Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). Steven commenced his career...

PALS Consulting – Your Essential Ingredient

PALS was formed late in 2016 bringing together its shareholders with over 50 years combined experience in the Hospitality, Food Service and Food Retail Industries. Please follow this link to read more.. PALS...

Hotel Concierge Job Facts

Hotel concierge jobs are challenging, rewarding and constantly changing. It is the job of the hotel concierge to ensure that each guest is able to get the most out of the city they are visiting. Concierges are responsible for scheduling appointments, making...

Hotel managers have the best job in the hospitality industry.

By Jobs in the hospitality industry are on the rise. Hotel front staff and managers have the opportunity to work within independent and chain hotels with no prospect of job shortages. Managers in particular have the best opportunities for advancement,...

Capes News Flash

DEEMING CLAUSE ARBITRATION AWARD 1. On 29 June 2015, the CCMA handed down the award in the test case in respect of the consequence of section 189A(3)(b) of the LRA (the deeming clause). The issue was whether or not the consequence of deeming was exclusive employment...

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