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Hotelstaff has been servicing the Hotel and FMCG industry throughout Africa for 45 years through our network of experienced Recruiters in SA, we can help both clients and candidates nationwide and we often assist clients in Africa and the UAE


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In order to help Hotelstaff find the best possible career move for you we need as much information as you can fill in. The more the better! Take a few minutes. Once you have successfully submitted your cv give us more information (complete all black tabs).

Your cv will appear on the left side of your screen to make it easy for you to drag and drop (or copy and paste) from your cv to the relevant fields. Your CV must please be in Word or Adobe format

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When you have completed every page click on Apply. Go back to top of page and click on next tab. THE MORE INFO YOU COMPLETE THE MORE LIKELY YOU ARE TO BE FOUND IN A  SEARCH  BY THE CONSULTANTS!


Locums/Executive Relief Staff

Hotelstaff has compiled a selection of highly qualified & experienced Locum & Relief Staff that are able to seamlessly step into the role/s of either your appointed General Manager, Lodge Management staff , Executive Chef or even for Owner Managers, while you or they are away on their well-deserved annual holiday or recuperating on sick leave. This would solely be a caretaking role, with a full report / handover on the return of the full time incumbent. if requested.

Hospitality Consultants

We also have high caliber Hospitality Consultants that have in the past been General Managers and / or Operations Managers that are available to assist you in getting your business to function at optimum levels in all departments. Many of them have Hotel or Restaurant opening expertise, or are specialists in turnaround solutions.

What do we need to know about the legalities of overtime and after-hours work?

Many South Africans are unaware of their basic rights when it comes to working hours and overtime. As we head into the holiday season, the hospitality and retail industries gear up for their busiest period, often extending hours to allow customers more time to sit or shop… read more

Minimum wage bill is signed into law

Formulated by National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac), the new Minimum Wage Act will see the minimum hourly rate for workers set at R20 and will come into effect on 1 January 2019… read more


Job Application – must be searchable!
In order to help Hotelstaff find the best possible career move for you we need as much information as you can fill in. Our new database gives all the consultants a search facility , which means from the information you input we can more easily ‘search and match”

Once you have successfully submitted your CV give us more information .a split screen will appear.
Your cv will appear on the left side of your screen to make it easy for you to drag and drop (or copy and paste) from your cv to the relevant fields. PRESS APPLY AT THE BOTTOM… this allows you to then go to the tabs at the top and enter more information in each category. PLEASE PRESS APPLY at the bottom of the page EACH TIME or your info doesn’t save…
When selecting things like Job sector ..hold down the control key and you can select more than one… think like a recruiter… if you select something you can do, as well as things you want to do there is more of a chance that the recruiter will pick you up.
In key competencies ,,put a list of things you are good at… eg a la carte, stock control, guest relations… things a recruiter might want to look for, or ask you in an interview ..this is your tool to sell yourself

If you are struggling call 011 782 3002 and speak to Precious who will guide you through.
We thank you for your time and look forward to trying to assist you in your search for your next job.

We have found some magnificent new agents in Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape and KZN and we are in negotiation with a possible agent in Limpopo..

Hotelstaff needs an Agent in OFS and Western Cape.

We need people who are well networked in their area, who know the local hotel industry and its players. You should also be admin orientated and goal driven to take up this opportunity to run your own small agency under the auspices of a well- known group that offers good support and a strong Network to work together with. We could discuss starting as a consultant so you can find your feet and see if its suits you.

Please contact Shirley on 0117823002 or  if you have worked in our Industry for at least 5 years and think you could be interested .

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South Africa’s expat tax is here

South Africans working and living abroad are preparing for new amendments to the Income Tax Act, set to come into effect from 1 March 2020. The amendments will effectively introduce an ‘expat tax’, meaning that South African tax residents working internationally will...


REQUESTING INCOME TAX NUMBERS FROM JOB SEEKERS It has come to our attention that job seekers are being asked for their Income Tax Reference Numbers in order to be considered for job interviews. While we will readily assist persons who approach our offices to register,...

Hotelstaff Agent required for the Cape Region

Become a recruitment consultant for one of the oldest , best known well trusted hospitality recruitment agencies in South Africa. Looking for someone living in the Cape Region who feels they are well known and networked in the SA Hospitality Industry. You should enjoy...

New minimum wages for Hospitality

In brief the monthly minimum wage for employers with more than 10 employees will increase to R3559.10 and the hourly wage to R18.25. The new minimum wages for the Hospitality will be published on the department of Labour website and will be in effect from 1st July...

Contract of employment or letter of appointment?

The difference between a contract of employment and letter of appointment Let's take you through a contract of employment first. Quite simply, it's a basic minimum legal requirement of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. It should be issued on the very first day...

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