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  • Hotelstaff offers the right combination of business experience and industry knowledge to add value. We clarify your needs and arrange interviews.  This assures you a perfect match, based on your criteria.
  • Prescreen Candidates Our in-depth interviews ensure qualified candidates
  • Reference Checks Employment history, knowledge, skills and experience is verified
  • Candidate Requirements Interest in your position, salary range, and location is determined. You save the time and frustration of interviewing the wrong candidates
  • Hotelstaff Acts As Your Consultant Professional advice is provided throughout the entire hiring process
  • Competitors & Small Companies Use Us You will see the best the industry has to offer
  • Hotelstaff Specialises Our priority is finding a competent, skill-matched candidate, it is our profession. This allows you to stay focused and productive
  • Guarantee Hotelstaff offers confidential interviewing facilities, and assures confidentiality to both the employer and the candidate