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July 2018
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Bookkeeper / Accountant KZN R30,000 | REF: HS KZN 03

This candidate came across as very affable and pleasant during her interview. She seems be a very detail orientated person and describes things thoroughly.

She feels that she has excellent accounting skills, which she really enjoys and would like this to be a large part of her working career in the future. She sees herself as: precise, well organised and an excellent planner who is  very sociable and is also able to enjoy their own company, relishing the outdoors and spending a lot of time keeping fit by doing gym and running. They feel that they are able to work independently and remotely if required.

Referees state that:
This candidate is intuitive, organized and reliable;
Conscientious, thorough, and gives a lot of attention to detail. Compassionate and passionate giving their all for what they believe in.
Computer literate, making sure that they keep themselves ‘in the know’.
Has at all times maintained good relations with clients at the support desk as well as with their colleagues and superiors.
Well groomed, and after her family, they have her personal health and fitness at the top of their personal priority list.
A go-getter. Always presentable. A people s person.
This candidate currently resides in Cape Town but has already resigned in order to relocate to KZN. They will be available for employment from 1st September. She would appreciate an initial Skype interview which she would follow up with a face to face interview if she were short listed.
Contact KZN Hotelstaff : Heather on 0660892816

Accountant / Bookkeeper KZN R 25-30,000 | REF: HS KZN 01

During the interview, this candidate came across as having excellent verbal communication skills, confident in knowing what they like and dislike, and very aware of their qualities and downfalls. They are mature and have over 20 years of experience and knowledge to offer within the accounting and office support sector, some of which has been in the hospitality environment.
 This person said about themselves that they is extremely loyal, ethical, efficient, compassionate and pedantic: They feel the latter being an absolute requirement for a professional Bookkeeper and Accountant. Former employers describe them as very knowledgeable and willing; very friendly, helpful and diligent; A team player who is always willing to go the extra mile. They would highly recommend them for a position within their experience and expertise, and would not hesitate to re-employ them if the opportunity arose.
Ideally this candidate would love to employ their skills and work in a wildlife environment as they grew up on Game Reserves in Africa and South Africa. In their leisure time, they are an avid wildlife enthusiast having a specific interest in flora and has recently taken up bird watching.
Available 1 August. Contact KZN Hotelstaff : Heather on 066 0892816


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