20 June 2017
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 Gauteng Region

Junior Chef De Partie, R5 000 Neg, Open to Mpu , Lim, REF: N413

This young gent has gained over 7 years working experience in the industry, having worked within a range of high profile properties offering both A la Carte and Buffet Service.  Referees have detailed him as a skilled chef who is versatile in the CDP, competently working all sections.  He is available within short notice and is open to relocation.  Contact:

Sous Chef, R10 000 Live in Neg, Open to Mpu , Lim, REF: N407

He is a formally qualified candidate who has gained over 10 years working experience in the industry.  He has worked upon Luxury Cruise liners (several contracts), luxury game lodges as well as upmarket Conference resorts and is equally at home preparing meals for Fine Dining A la carte or High volume buffet service. His referees have detailed him to be a skilled chef who thinks of his feet and works particularly well under duress.  This candidate is available within a month’s notice and is open to relocation within the Mpumalanga and Limpopo regions.  Contact:

Executive Chef, R25 000, Open to area, REF: N415

This is a seasoned professional chef with over 15 years working experience gained, having worked in a range of kitchens from Upmarket Restaurants (A la carte) to 4* hotels offering both A la carte and Buffet service. His referees detail him as a professional individual who communicates effectively and possesses excellent stock control and cost management skills.  Detailed as a skilled chef, he has been highly recommended in ensuring high standards of cuisine consistently. This candidate is available within a month’s notice and is open to relocation.  Contact:

Executive/ Head Chef , R20 000, Open to Pretoria, REF: N501

This creative gent is a formally qualified chef who has gained over 7 experience working in a range of kitchens from Fine Dining plated Service to A la Carte as well as management of all culinary requirements for weddings, conferences and events.  His referee has detailed him as a skilled chef with excellent plating skills and a strong financial understanding in regards to cost and stock control. He is available at short notice and is seeking a position in the Pretoria area. Contact:

Executive Chef , R20 000 Live in Neg, Open to area, REF: N512

This candidate has gained over 10 years working experience in the industry, having worked his way up through a range of property kitchens, and is highly efficient in A la carte (fine Dining) and Buffet service (high volume). He has gained valuable experience in the opening of restaurants with the ensuing implementation of systems, menus and hygiene audits. He is equally effective in the management of smaller kitchens, where the emphasis is on plating presentation and finer attention to detail and his referee has detailed him to be a highly creative chef who is extremely versatile and highly skilled. This candidate is available within a month’s notice and is open to relocation within the Mpumalanga and Limpopo regions.  Contact:


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 Nelspruit Region

Executive chef 5*, salary neg on R80,000+  Gauteng based ( can travel)

This Senior Executive chef is fully qualified with over 25 year’s experience. He is a very strong kitchen manager, particularly known for his staff development skills. Strong ability to keep costs tight in various operations .His food is always up to date and on trend , would even say trend setting.
He keeps abreast of the industry .Very active role player in the industry .Able to manage a big team , with multi outlets, although he ensures that each outlet has its own style and provides the best service to guests. Has also managed some of the biggest functions in SA. Currently seeking a new environment and a good challenge as he feels he is getting stale in his current position. He will look at any side of the industry from Hotels to Corporate catering .Very capable of handling a group chef role
Does want a position where he will do hands on cookery, even if not on a daily basis.

If you are interested in this candidate contact or 011 7823002

Executive Cheffette, R 22,000 Gauteng, REF ;GRAW

This professional chef has been in the industry for 20 years , beginning her career in 4 and 5* boutique hotel kitchens .She then worked in Uk at very high end corporate kitchens .She brought back with her the realisation that office canteens can serve magnificent food within budgets . She has gained a reputation for high end cookery with limited budgets. However most recently she worked for a boutique hotel in Sandton again and loved it .She liked the creativity of the job.  She will accept and more junior position to get a foot in the door and will happily be a sous or exec sous for a while She is a very hands on chef who delights  in up skilling staff and being creative .Available immediately .

If you are interested in this candidate contact or 0117823002

AA Executive Sous Chef, R 20,000, Gauteng

This candidate started his career as a waiter /griller ata newly opened Casino in his home Town , he discovered he had a Passion  and a talent for cookery , so he began studies whilst working . He has worked in a  seafood specialist restaurant , a kosher catering company , and then began working in 48 Hotels , in banqueting and now is an a la carte Exec sous at a 5* hotel with a fine dining restaurant. He has held this position for almost 3 years and he feels he needs growth now. He is open to work any where in Gauteng and would look at opportunities in Africa or internationally if they arose

If you are interested in this candidate contact or 0117823002

5* Senior Sous chef, R18,000  (prefers day shift), Gauteng  Only

This delightful young cheffette currently runs the morning shift at a large busy 5* hotel . She is fully responsible for rostering  making sure breakfasts in 2 service areas are run properly .She is fully in control of regular food costing ,new menu items , ordering. She also carries out the monthly OE stock count . She is a staff manager too, assisting with rostering, staff issues, time sheet problems etc. She is a hands on hot section chef who can do pastry, and cold kitchen too but her passion is a la carte .Currently seeking a position on a shift that is similar although she is happy to work any day of the week.
She is a well-recognised competition chef in SA who has proven her skills and won a few awards. Looking for a new environment simply because she has been employed in the same kitchen for a while
If you are interested in this candidate contact or 011 7823002

Sous Chef , corporate catering or restaurant   R10,000  Gauteng  REF: SFGDS

This mature chef was not originally formally trained but over the years he has gained experience through the ranks and has now completed his studies .He became a Head chef in a corporate kitchen that was run by the company itself .Sadly when they outsourced the new company refused to employ any of the staff. At 50 he struggled to find employment .He worked at a couple of casual jobs then found a position in a busy casual restaurant. He is a very hard worker whose ways are a little set but he learns.  He has the most wonderful personality and would suit a place where he can deal directly with customers. He is not the strongest at costing etc so he needs a sous chefs position, where he can supervise staff, keep fridges immaculate , count stock and begin to be taught more managerial tasks.
If you are interested in this candidate contact or 011 7823002

Junior Sous Chef    R10,000, Gauteng, REF GR NJ

This Namibian born AA candidate has a full SA work permit , and is married to an SA lady so he is obtaining permanent residence but he needs employment, as part of the process . He trained as a chef in the UK . worked in catering  company and in a restaurant there before returning to SA to work in a film catering company , and private catering company . He tried setting up his own company but found he couldn’t sell look for customers  and do functions at the same time, so his income was very irregular .He would like to return to the formal sector . He has very good supervisory skills which he learnt and practised when catering in all sorts of places in the film catering company , he is good at organising because of this too

If you are interested in this candidate contact or 0117823002


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 Cape Town Region

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