20 June 2017
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Trails Guide, R9 000 Live in Neg, Open to North West Only, REF: N505

This candidate is FGASA 1, Full Trails Guide (+ ARH) who has gained approximately 3 years working experience within Big 5 Reserves. His referees have detailed him as a knowledgeable guide who has a profound knowledge of the bush and communicates this well when guiding guests. He was further detailed to be a skilled Trails Guide, having accumulated an impressive log of hours and encounters. He possesses strong staff management skills and communicates effectively (both verbally and in writing). He is available immediately and is ideally seeking a position within the North West Province only. Contact: melodie@hotel-staff.co.za

Field Guide, R5 500 Live in Neg, Open to area, REF: N508

This gregarious gent is a newly qualified Field Guide who is ideally seeking a foothold in the industry. Working experience to date includes guiding for an upmarket lodge on a Big 5 Reserve as well as working for a Tours & Safari Company as Field Guide and Tour Guide. His qualifications include FGASA 1, Back Up Trails Theory (25 hours to go before certification), First Aid Level 2, Extensive Snake Identifcation and Handling certifications, he is DEAT registered and THETA assessed, and has Rifle Handling Certification. His referees have detailed him as a highly reliable, competent and knowledgeable guide who is well suited to the industry and dealing with guests. He is available immediately and is open to relocation. Contact: melodie@hotel-staff.co.za

Field Guide, R7 000 Live in Neg, Open to Mpu , Lim, REF: N412

This FGASA 1 Guide has gained over 10 years working experience working in reputable Big 5 Reserves.  He has obtained his Trails Guide Theory component and is currently amassing hours and encounters to qualify as a Full Trails Guide. His referees have detailed him to be charismatic, with excellent communication skills which enables him to host with ease.  He has been commended on his bush knowledge and is detailed to be a keen birder.  This candidate is available within a month’s notice and is open to relocation.  Contact: melodie@hotel-staff.co.za


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