Hotel concierge jobs are challenging, rewarding and constantly changing. It is the job of the hotel concierge to ensure that each guest is able to get the most out of the city they are visiting. Concierges are responsible for scheduling appointments, making reservations, locating boutiques, arranging transportation, and even purchasing tickets to concerts and plays. There are different levels of hotel concierge work and each level has a different pay scale. The schedule for a hotel concierge is constantly changing, but one thing remains the same; they are there to serve the guests of the hotel.

Daily Responsibilities

The daily responsibilities of a hotel concierge are constantly changing. They may begin working early in the morning, or late in the evening. Typically, a hotel does not only have one concierge because it is expected that the concierge will be on duty most hours of the day. Guests may contact the hotel concierge far in advance to secure tickets to popular plays, concerts, exhibits, tours, museums and even sporting events.

The concierge is expected to have connections within the community which will help them acquire these tickets. Concierges must stay up to date on all events because it is important that they have an idea of what guest requests may look like in the near future. Guests typically ask the concierge for dining advice, and frequently request that the concierge make the reservations for them. Not only is it more convenient for the guest, but the chances of getting into a popular restaurant increase if the person making the reservation is a well known concierge. In short, the concierge is there to help guests with nearly any request, within reason.

Community Networking

Hotel concierges are constantly using connections in order to respond to the needs and desires of hotel guests. As such, they are expected to communicate with community restaurants, salons, boutiques, ticket sales offices, event halls, movie theaters, operas, transportation services, and even travel agents. Many of these services will offer discounts if the concierge’s clients use their service.

Loyal bonds are created which benefit all parties. It is not uncommon for restaurants to wine and dine concierge staff in order to promote their establishment because a concierge is capable of providing their restaurant with multiple customers. These relationships are only healthy if the concierge continues to give honest advice based on the quality of the venue.

Opportunities for Advancement

Concierge staff are paid in correlation with the size and price of the hotel. A nice, expensive hotel is likely to pay their concierge more because of the type of guests they expect to be staying at their hotel. That being said, nice hotels require a higher level of experience. In order to gain this experience, concierges must work in lower level hotels in the same city. Having supreme knowledge of the city, an ability to work with all types of people, and a dedication to pleasing guests are all qualities that will help a hotel concierge advance in the industry. As the hotel concierge progresses, so too will their salary.