Jobs in the hospitality industry are on the rise. Hotel front staff and managers have the opportunity to work within independent and chain hotels with no prospect of job shortages. Managers in particular have the best opportunities for advancement, salary increases, and travel. Below are the top five reasons of why hotel managers have the best job in America.

Great pay

Hotel managers have great pay. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hotel managers can make a median of $46,880 per year or roughly $22.54 per hour. The BLS Occupational Employment and Wages’ statistics list the National estimated wage for a lodging manager to be $26.49 per hour or $55,100 per year.

Hotel managers are often trained to do their day in and day out duties, so they are not required to have a high level of education. The entry level requirement for a hotel manager is to have a high school diploma or equivalent and one to five years of relevant work experience.

Room for growth

Hotel managers also have great room for growth. Not only can hotel front desk managers become general managers, but they can also work in different hotels within the hotel chain. This could lead to travel opportunities as well as room for advancement into an executive position. Career Overview lists management opportunities as general manager, resident manager, executive housekeeper, front office manager, assistant manager, and convention services manager.

Plenty of job openings

The latest job outlook shows that there are plenty of jobs open for hotel general managers. This opportunity for more jobs is expected to grow 12 percent in the next 10 years. At the time of this report, there were 121,000 job openings open for hotel managers.

Good Quality of Life

Hotel managers have a good quality of life. Most of this is due in part to having good working hours and conditions, as well as, the option to live on site for free or at a reduced rate, saving the hotel manager money and allowing them to have less commute or travel to work. A recent survey was published in CNN Money showing that most hotel managers rated their job a “B” for personal satisfaction, job security, and for the benefit to society.

Travel opportunity

Hotel managers that work for chain hotels like the Radisson or Holiday Inn often have opportunities to travel to seminars related to work or to work in different chains overseas. Hotel managers wishing to move overseas may be given the opportunity to do so and still retain their job position at a new location.

Besides the above benefits, hotel managers also have the opportunity to work in five-star hotels. The more experience you have as a hotel manager, the more opportunities you have for advancement into higher management positions. To get the most from these opportunities, take business, or management related courses. According to Total Innovation Group Inc., business management courses can teach you how to become a leader in your field, how to sell your ideas, and how to develop successful marketing strategies. These skills are invaluable when it comes to solidifying your position in management or excelling into an executive position.

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