Locums/Executive Relief Staff

Hotelstaff has compiled a selection of highly qualified & experienced Locum & Relief Staff that are able to seamlessly step into the role/s of either your appointed General Manager, Lodge Management staff, Executive Chef or even for Owner Managers, while you or they are away on their well-deserved annual holiday or recuperating on sick leave. This would solely be a caretaking role, with a full report / handover on the return of the full time incumbent. if requested.

Hospitality Consultants

We also have high caliber Hospitality Consultants that have in the past been General Managers and/or Operations Managers that are available to assist you in getting your business to function at optimum levels in all departments. Many of them have Hotel or Restaurant opening expertise, or are specialists in turnaround solutions.

Hotelstaff simply charge a once-off introductory fee, whilst you pay the candidate the appropriate salary.
Contact your local Hotelstaff office for further details.


Relief Hospitality General Manager – Errard Sullivan

I am available to assist and manage for between one month and three months at a time. I am willing to work anywhere in Southern Africa and beyond, having dual Nationality with a South African and Irish passport.

Have been involved in Hospitality since finishing my Diploma in Hotel Management in 1978 and have a credible CV.

My varied experiences encompass different types of Hotels and Game Lodges and other Hospitality responsibilities as well as being an owner and shareholder in various properties.

Since 2008 I have been actively involved in many Relief positions in Hospitality from Special Projects to Troubleshooting and Hotel Management.

I am aware of the importance of Branded Hotels and need for ethical managements and personnel.

Interested in speaking to Errard please contact Shirley at the Johannesburg Office – 082 291 7801


Relief General Manager / Hotel / Lodge / Boutique Hotel / Locums

I have over 35 years’ experience as a Hotel General Manager from Large City Hotels to 5-star quality Lodges and Boutique Hotels around the world.
As a Relief Manager I oversee all duties and assume the General Manager’s responsibilities, provide back-up duties as needed including, accounts, back of house, front desk coverage, housekeeping, food and beverage, grounds and any other duties, ensuring constant efficient operation of the property as measured against company standards and the established budget.
A good Relief General Manager should be financially driven while ensuring that all of the guests’ expectations are thoroughly met.
I am a very dedicated, hands on, Hotel General Manager. I see myself as extremely self-motivated and I believe that the ethos of any good business is based on team work, trust, honesty, respect and reliability.
My primary objectives as relief manager:

  • focusing on sales as well as monthly and annual budgets
  • overseeing administration set up and keeping meticulous control systems
  • reporting to stakeholders and directors
  • having regular meetings with Management and the Team
  • coordinating the Project Management, Construction, Building requirements
  • keeping up with property enhancement
  • experiencing and adapting to the local culture and cuisine
  • selling and marketing to national and international companies
  • maintaining and undertake internet and on-line sales and promotions
  • dealing and liaising with tourism agents, private and corporate companies,
    councils and various Government bodies
  • upholding Human Resources and health & safety compliance
  • maintaining ongoing staff training and development, coaching and motivation

I am a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and New Zealand and also a Permanent Resident of South Africa with a clean driver’s licence as well as a PDP and I hold a current General Managers certificate for the United Kingdom and New Zealand. I am flexible and available to travel to different provinces and around the world.
I am highly competent in a number of maintenance skills from carpentry, electrical, plumbing and motor repairs.
Interested in using Steve’s services please contact Heather at Hotelstaff KZN 0660892816

Pieter de Kock

An Executive Chef who’s hospitality career spans over 38 years, he would ideally like to apply his passion for cooking and being creative, in a Country Club, Bush Lodge or upmarket hotel. He thoroughly enjoy being hands-on, as a part of a team working on large and challenging functions.

He prides himself on his ability to communicate, mentor and uplift staff, being very patient and paying great attention to detail especially when it comes to Health and Safety. Building good relationships is essential to him as he responds very well to honest communication and mutual respect. He has a democratic and ‘open-door’ style of management, where opinions count. He is very hands-on and not scared of getting my hands dirty. He leads by example

Having worked in large industrial kitchens as well as in 5 star Silver Service environments, He is confident in his ability to cater creatively and efficiently for any function eventuality, believing in delivering exceptional customer service every time.

All of his referees describe him as a wonderful gentleman who is honest and capable, always giving his best to every task. While working for them: he was an excellent manager, mentor and trainer to the staff for whom he was responsible. Some of the words and phrases used by them when talking about him are: Creative; organised; efficient; easy to approach; always communicating and keeping everyone informed; has excellent stock taking and stock management skills; always prioritising health and safety; an exemplary team player. They all said that they would highly recommend him for any position that he applies for and would gladly re-employ him if the opportunity arises.
Open to relocation to anywhere in SA or Africa

Interested in using Steve’s services please contact Heather at Hotelstaff KZN 0660892816

William van Rooyen

With extensive experience in all hospitality areas, I have had a very interesting career, spanning over 40 years: from Hotel General Manager to Financial Controller positions in South Africa and other African countries, and latterly I have worked for a Non-Profit Organisation as a Manager and Controller and run 3 fast food franchise businesses for a convalescing family member.

While reluctant to come across as boastful, I seemed to discover, when talking about myself, that I have a very kind and nurturing side to my nature, which I only discovered when caring for his family. I admits that I am a perfectionist when it comes to working with figures, policies and procedures and enjoys having clarity; I have been known to say ‘things must be black and white with no grey areas. Things are either right or they are wrong’. I am adventurous and am in the fortunate position of being able to relocate and settle anywhere within South Africa or in an English speaking environment overseas,

His referees state:
“He is skilled at paying attention to detail and completing projects on time. He is loyal, honest, hardworking, dependable and a good communicator. I would happily re-employ him as I considered him as a valuable member of the team, consistently achieved good results and delivered on all expectations.” and “He is skilled at accounting and chairing disciplinary hearings as he is a ‘peoples’ person’. He achieved all deadlines given and produced accurate management account: the financial accounts, budgets and audit packs were well prepared. He proved to be hardworking and honest and earned his colleagues respect. He is reliable and strived to go the extra mile. He is a team-player and provided sound input at Management and Directors meetings. I would employ him again if the opportunity arose.”

He sees his ideal position as being employed within the financial arena of the hospitality industry, therefore being able to utilise his skill, knowledge, analytical ability and enjoyment of working with figures and achieving budgets. He is also particularly keen on mentoring and training people in order that they may develop themselves. His management style is collaborative, welcoming ideas and innovation and always treating people the way that he would like to be treated himself and he is very respectful of the chain of command.
Open to relocation anywhere in SA or Africa .


Interested in Charles contact Heather .Hotelstaff KZN 031 563 6804